Dare to be Different for halloween 2016 & Hire one of our costumes

With Halloween growing year after year, this year will be the biggest & best we have ever seen. A Halloween event on a long weekend that falls on a Monday night, you cant top that.

Our Halloween costume collection for hire is that silly, its scary! It’s the biggest collection of Halloween costumes & accessories we have ever had.  If you’re out to impress your friends with a sexy costume or wanting something more popular like a TV or movie character costume, at Court Jester our costume wardrobe cant be beaten.

Our favorite costumes picked by our staff this year are, tweedle dee & tweedle dumb, ursula, rapunzel, genie, new cinderella, peter pan, cheshire cat & deathstroke

Some of the newest licensed costumes to hit our store this year have been, Frozen, Despicable Me, Maleficent, Frozen, The Avengers, The Smurfs, Monsters Inc., Bob the Builder, Scooby Doo, Ninja Turtles, Alice in Wonderland, The Great & Powerful Wizard of Oz, The Riddler, Katy Pery & the list goes on & on…

 Its always fun to get new costume designs to the most popular lines & this year we saw a great number of costumes get re-invented. New superhero costumes have been re-released and the costumes are better than ever; Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Batgirl, Catwomen are just to name a few.

 We have seen a massive trend in 2015 of the ‘Great Gatsby’ themed costume parties & who can complain about that, it’s the most elegant theme of them all.  Although this theme has always been quite a dominant one in the costume market, after the Great Gatsby Movie, it has been the more dominant theme of them all.

Some EXCITING news, this Halloween, we will be having demonstrations on how to turn yourself into a Zombie, witch & anything Halloween. Please like us on Facebook to see the days & times. We will also be showcasing how to create Scars etc...... fun stuff, dont miss out 



Dont forget we give you the choice to Hire or Buy your Santa Costume, its totally up to you. For more information and pricing please phone store today. 

Our christmas collection will include, Santas, ms clauses, elfs, presents, puddings, snow mans, christmas trees etc. If there is something that we dont have in stock w ill help you to get it in stock asap. 

We also carry a large selection of Santa accessories, so if for some reason your missing santas belt, glasses or maybe a tummy, we sell everything seperatly as well.